Gaku Izakaya

A couple of friends and I decided to try out Gaku Izakaya.  After hearing so much hype about it from many people, we decided to go in a group so that everyone could sample a bunch of things.  I have to say this place is one of the best Izakayas I’ve tried in Honolulu!


First off we got the Hamachi Nigiri.  It was fresh and buttery as can be, Hamachi is always a favorite of everyone!

Hamachi Nigiri from Gaku Izakaya

The next plate to come out was the brisket.  This brisket was tender and juicy and tasted almost like bacon.  On the same plate it was also accompanied with a Japanese sausage cut in half with a mustard sauce.   It’s similar to the sausage they serve at Gyu-Kaku.

Brisket and Sausage from Gaku Izakaya


Next up we ordered the Lobster Dynamite.  This was a complete seafood lover’s dream with lobster, scallops, and some other types of seafood I can’t even remember at this point.  Topped with a mayonnaise sauce but it has been torched to give it that color that you see.

Lobstery Dynamite from Gaku Izakaya


Next we had a order of Spicy Tuna Rolls.  The handrolls were consistent as to any normal Izakaya and were stuffed with a ton of spicy tuna.  Delicious and filling to say the least.

Spicy Tuna Rolls from Gaku

We continued with more sushi with an order of salmon (sake) nigiri.  Sometimes if the salmon is not fresh and up to par it can taste a little too fishy for my tastebuds.  This Sake was excellent and fresh.  I’ve had bad salmon before but this helped me get over that bad experience!

Salmon Nigiri from Gaku Izakaya


Lastly we had an order of the Rib-Eye Steak.  It was cooked medium-rare with garlic all over and a small side salad the accompanied it.

Rib-Eye Steak from Gaku Izakaya

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