Home Bar and Grill

Home Bar and Grill is a relatively new bar with delicious food and drinks at reasonable prices.  We usually come here for Pau Hana drinks or to eat on those uneventful weekday nights.

We came here last Tuesday and got an array of dishes.  First off we got the regular tofu dish.  It was garnished pretty standard (shoyu, bonito shavings, green onion, etc) but was a great appetizer to start off with.

Tofu from Home Bar & Grill

Tofu from Home Bar & Grill


Next up we ordered the Kim Chee Fried Rice.  This fried rice is cooked with bacon, spam, portugese sausage, kim chee, green onions, two eggs (cooked how you want), etc.  It’s such a huge portion it’s more than enough to feed at least 4 people!  This was actually the only dish that had leftovers for us to take home.

Kim Chee Fried Rice from Home Bar & Grill


Our next appetizer was the Tater Tot Nachos.  I haven’t had tater tots in forever so these bring you back to nostalgic times.  Who would’ve thought tater tots with cheese, salsa, sour cream, bacon bits, green onions, and jalapenos would be so delicious!  These were gone as fast as they arrived on our table!


Tater Tot Nachos from Home Bar & Grill


Next we had the famous and delicious Pork Chops.  This was honestly a huge portion of pork chops, and it came with ketchup to dip.  These were juicy and bursting with flavor! In my opinion this is much better than my former favorite Side Street Inn’s porkchops, and did I mention it’s way cheaper?

Pork Chops from Home Bar & Grill


Lastly we ordered the Rib-Eye.  We ordered in medium-rare, but I guess it doesn’t matter because it comes out on a sizzling platter where it keeps cooking until you take it off.  It’s comes with mushrooms and onions and is a must get when visiting Home!  We opted for the bigger 16 oz. portion and it was well worth it!

Rib Eye from Home Bar & Grill


This place is not yet featured on our Hawaii’s Aloha Food Tours, but contact us if you have any suggestions for places you would like to see featured!

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