Self Guided Tours

Do you have your own list of foods you may have seen on TV that you just had to try when you’re on your Hawaii vacation? Has the Travel Channel, Man Vs Food, No Reservations, and other food shows intrigued you about foods that you just couldn’t locate when you’re on Oahu? Give us your foodie wish list and sit back and relax on the beach, while we scout and research which Hawaii restaurants would satisfy you while you enjoy our “paradise”.

The most time consuming part of a vacation, is researching all of the “best” and most popular restaurants and attractions to visit during your precious time here. Skip all of the research and let us demonstrate our vast knowledge of food in Hawaii by introducing you to the best and most unique island tastes based on your requests. Hawaii’s vast melting pot of ethnicities will guarantee that there is something on this island that will fulfill your culinary cravings.

This new service on the island of Oahu will create a personal culinary itinerary for your party that will blow your mind away! We introduce to you restaurants that satisfy your cravings and suggest other nearby attractions, bars, and lounges at a reasonable price.

We know your time here is precious, so we also make reservations in your name to keep your wait time as short as possible.



Self guided tours from Aloha Food Tours is an experience that is great for people that:

  • like to eat at the most popular but not as well-known restaurants that the locals like to go to
  • don’t like to eat and socialize with other visitors
  • already have their own Hawaii food craving list, so that we can easily fulfill your wishes
  • aren’t intrigued in learning about the interesting history and culture of Hawaii, but just want to indulge on the vast array of ethnic foods and beverages that can’t be found in their home city
  • love happy hour and would like to find out about bars and nightlife lounges that will satisfy your thirst and inquisition for the most unique drinks Hawaii has to offer. After you’re done eating, end the night with drinks and martinis you just can’t find at your local watering hole. We’re not talking about your normal Mai Tai here!

Just click on the corresponding tour below to purchase your self guided tour then email [email protected] with your custom self food tour requests and we will send you your itinerary within 1-2 business days. Pricing is below.
Da Basic Tour (1-2 days, 3-4 stops) – $39.99
Da VIP Try Everything You Like Tour (2-3 days, 7 stops) – $59.99